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How to crochet the flower of life

flor de la vida a crochet

Crocheting is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world that gives us many benefits, not only from the mental and physical, but also from the spiritual. It helps us to connect with the Here and Now which helps us to reduce stress, increases our creativity and concentration. And what better way to do it using the flower of life pattern.

That said, in this section we share several ideas of crochet fabrics so that you are encouraged to do it! From mandala, wallet and clothes! Choose the option that you like the most (or all of them! Why not?) … and get to work!


    Flower of Life Mandala

    In this video tutorial you can see very clearly the step by step to crochet the flower of life mandala in a super simple way!

    How to crochet a purse

    In this video tutorial that we share with you, we explain how to make a crochet wallet step by step with the flower of life matrix. It is made from 4 Charles point stitches and is stitched in two in the front and in the back.

    This design so far is the cutest on the web! Dare to do it!

    If you wish, you can activate the translation by entering the settings on YouTube

    Flower of life top

    Is summer coming? Take advantage of this crochet fabric and show off! Nothing better than showing off your own creation. Animate!

    Do you have any more ideas? Share them!