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The Flower of Life and Metatron’s Cube

flor de la vida metatron

Metatron’s Cube is made up of the 5 Platonic Solids and the Seed of Life, which are the first thirteen spheres of the Flower of Life, of the matrix of divine creation. But what is the meaning of Metatron’scube? It is considered a quantum accelerator capable of changing and co-creating our reality. In it is integrated the tetrahedral star (2 linked tetrahedra) known as Merkaba, one of the most important figures, considered the basis of all forms of biological life. These forms are named as platonic solids and it is because the philosopher Plato linked them to the spiritual world (of the sky) and to the physical elements (of the earth).

Those three dimensional forms appear in all of creation from crystals to DNA.

flower of life metatron
flower of life metatron

The cube represents the three-dimensionality of space. Inside the cube is the sphere, the cube that represents the body with our three-dimensional reality of manifested thought. The inner sphere represents the consciousness of the spirit within us. Archangel Metatron, the angel of life, is the one who supervises the energy flow of this mystical cube known for possessing all the geometric shapes of God’s creation and representing the patterns that make up everything created.

As is known, in the tree of life (in kabbalah) the Archangel Metatron supervises the zephyr called keterwhich means the crown since it grows at the top of the tree and its energy flows down to all the other parts of it. Metatron is the angel that oversees the entire tree of life and its cosmic energies, this is how the crown of the tree represents the entire universe linking energies between the divine and the human as the angel that oversees the crown of the tree of life.

He is credited with having given the wisdom of Kabbalah to humanity, he is entrusted with its sustenance and is seen as the link between the human and the divine. It dwells in the closest energy to the divine and helps to create positive vibrations and love to sustain the universe but also cares primarily for humanity.

Metatron’s cube helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature since it represents a balance in the six directions represented within it. It can be used as the focal point of view to connect with the archangel or it can be used as a concentration tool for meditations that promote peace and balance. The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy waste.

Ancient scholars believed that by studying sacred geometry and meditating on its patterns one can gain insight into divinity and our human spiritual progression.