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The numbers of the Flower of Life

We have told you that the Flower of Life is a sacred, exact and immutable form of SPACE and TIME that define our physical reality, or rather the third dimension (3D). We can in fact understand the flower of life as a geometric structure from which others such as the platonic solids are formed. Well, in this article we are going to go a little deeper and we will talk about the numbers of the Flower of Life.

Its geometric mathematical composition is formed by 19 full circles, this is no accident. Everything regarding sacred geometry has a meaning, a why. So let’s learn more about the flower of life and its numerology.

imagen de los numeros de la flor de la vida

El número 19 nos habla de Inicio y Fin.

Esto se debe a que el número 1 nos habla de unidad, el origen de todo y el número 9 nos indica el final de ese camino que se inició en el 1, de la vibración espiritual y elevada.

If we add the total number, that is, 19, we obtain that 1 is formed again (because 19= 1+9 =10= 1) and this indicates that after completing a learning path of continuous growth of continuous spiritual improvement, each one of us we go through the different numbers that actually speak of a new state of consciousness, of Being, of evolution. Therefore, until we reach 9, the number of spirituality and transcendence, the numbers indicate that path and tell us that we start at 1 (asleep) and we will return to unity (to the source), to 1.

That creative and mathematical intelligence based on balance in proportion in numbers and geometry in definitive coherent liberation drives us to grow, to improve ourselves, to travel through the physical world in a physical body but as spiritual beings that we are experiencing in physical realities in order to win freedom, breaking those physical ties, accessing that world where everything is energy , where everything is full consciousness.

This flower of life therefore speaks of perfection, of condensation of life from the beginning to the end that returns us to the beginning but with a much higher level, in another higher vibrational frequency.

The mandala of the flower of life is made up of 36 arches (19 circles) that added again gives us the magical number 9!

These numbers of the flower of life: 3, 6 and 9 were the numbers that, for example, had the renowned scientist Nikola Tesla obsessed, which according to his studies, are hinge numbers that connect physical and non-physical reality, the visible and the non-physical. invisible.