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Flower of Life Tattoos

Have you seen one and have you wondered what this mandala means?

Tattooing the Flower of Life symbol is closely related to balance and universal creation since it is considered the basis of creation and therefore a sacred geometry.

Now, if you already know its meaning and are looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, we share some examples that we find on the web so you can get inspired!


    Flower of Life tattoos for men in black and white

    There are many black and white designs that we have found, but these stand out for their geometric precision. From the most complex to the simplest, we show you which are the most outstanding tattoos for men.

    Flower of Life tattoos for women in black and white

    Black is considered a color of elegance. Together with some special details, it gives it a distinguished and harmonious touch. We show you which are the tattoos for women that have liked the most.

    Watercolor Flower of Life Tattoos

    Flower of Life tattoos on hands and arms

    Flower of Life tattoos in couples and with friends

    Flower of Life tattoos on legs

    Flower of Life tattoos on torso and back

    Flower of Life tattoos of pointillism or dotwork

    Have you decided on yours yet?