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flor de la vida 3d

It is the Matrix of Creation. Everything that exists in the universe is created from this geometric mandala. The flower of life is a sacred symbol widely considered in many different cultures. It is the basis of sacred geometry. Its circular design consists of 13 circles, each representing the shape of a globe. The flower of life contains two other sacred symbols such as the seed of life and the egg of life, while at the same time two other forms such as the fruit of life and the cube of metatron are derived from it.

Since ancient times, the flower of life has been an iconic symbol. People use the sacred geometry of the flower of life to promote wellness and health, and to meditate in different ways. Its importance is known in both Eastern and Western traditions.

Golden flower of life

«The Flower of Life islife itself, the basis of all creation. The true meaning is hidden from the eyes that only see. Its presence is much more than a geometry, it is the root of all that is, was and will be. In every stroke, in every step, in every expansion, there is always life. It is not enough to observe it, it is necessary to explore it, to live it.
Only those who are prepared to do so will know its true meaning, for it is hidden from altruistic eyes.

Message received through the Akashic Records

What does the flower of life symbol mean?

The main symbology represents TIME and SPACE. Symbolically, the meaning of the flower of life is related to the universe, infinity, unity, creation and eternity.

It is an ancient and powerful symbol, so much so that it is lost in the origin of time. Most archaeologists believe it has existed for more than 6,000 years, although some people believe its history dates back to the 2nd century BC.

The flower of life is a mysterious geometric shape that is composed of numerous overlapping, equally spacious circles. It is a sixfold symmetry similar to a hexagon and has perfect proportions. The geometric layout is regarded as sacred geometry by both pagan and modern cultures. This shape is believed to be the connection between all living things. It also contains all the information necessary for them to thrive.

If you find it significant, you may want to look at the ancient symbols associated with it. The flower of life has various connections to Christianity. Its seven circles represent the seven days of creation. It is believed to be a sacred figure, with a wide variety of symbolic meanings. Among them are the circular forms of the seven circular circles of the world. The central circle represents the seed that is the origin of all life. It is the symbol of creation.

Who created the flower of life?

There are many religious associations that the flower of life can have from the Bible to the Jewish people. It is believed to be associated with the Biblical prophet Enoch and the Archangel Metatron. It is also related to Kabbalah, the system of symbolism and numerology.. By connecting the centers of the fruit of life with each circle, the flower of life is found in the earliest Kabbalistic scriptures.
It is a symbol of life and is believed to be the most powerful symbol in the world. It symbolizes the connections between all living things and the laws of nature. Its shape is very similar to that of lenses. It symbolizes the four corners of the earth.

how to make a flower of life

The flower of life image is a complex design that can be created with a compass. It is formed from seven circles being placed with sixfold symmetry, forming a pattern of 19 overlapping circles of the same diameter. It has 36 circular arches that form a hexagonal-shaped ensemble and are arranged in a flower-like pattern.

In turn, it is surrounded by a larger outer circle that represents the absolute, the perfect, and is related to cycles, infinity, eternal movements and protection. This geometric figure contains within its mathematical symmetries the pattern of all existing life. If you are interested in materializing it, we leave you several options to do so.

The Flower of Life and its Properties

It is a mysterious subject. Its patterns have been studied for many centuries and are now a popular decorative subject. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, who explains in his videosand bookson the subject, the Flower of Life mandala contains every mathematical formula, every physical law, every musical harmony, all forms of biological life, including the design of human beings and all animals. It also, includes the pattern of every atom, every dimensional level and every universal content in wave form. This is nature itself.

The flower of life is the symbol of life and represents all living things in the world. The fruit tree cycle is the source of the name. The fruit develops and the seed becomes a new tree. In this way, the wonder of creation is illustrated in a fascinating way.

Some of the early stages of embryonic cell division. They correspond to piscis vesica and seed of life
Some of the early stages of embryonic cell division. Correspond to Vesic Pisces and Seed of Life

Many historians, philosophers, and even architects agree that it has a perfect shape. People as prominent asLeonardo Da Vinci, have attributed a special meaning to it in its entirety in addition to the three similar symbols known as the Egg of Life, the Fruit of Life and the Seed of Life.

The Flower of Life by Leonardo Da Vinci
nassim harmein the resonance project flower of life flower of life

Another great physicist isNassim Haramein, who has spent more than 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, as well as anthropology and ancient civilizations. He is currently the director of research at The Resonance Project Foundation who is committed to bringing physics and science together. In this video, we share some of his knowledge on the subject.

Where is it located? The flower of life in Egypt and other locations

Representations have been found in various continents and distant places such as the temple of Osiris at Abydos in Egypt, in ancient synagogues in Israel, in the city of Ephesus in Turkey, in the forbidden city in China, in Buddhist temples in India and Japan, in Assyria on carved rocks in Iraq, in Mexico, in France, in Bulgaria, in Scotland, in Hungary, in Poland, in Austria and in the mosque of Cordoba in Spain.


As you will see, it was considered sacred by a multitude of cultures around the world, both ancient and modern. In some cultures, being considered with protective powerThe “Evil Spirits”, usually appear on the facades of the houses in order to ward off evil spirits, having inherited this belief from the ancient pre-Roman peoples, in particular the Celts, and can be found on the lintels of doors, windows and balconies, furniture, farm implements and everyday objects. It was also considered a benefit of wearing the Flower of Life in pendants or accessories.

Seed of life pendant
Ancient seed of life pendant

Today there are rings, earrings, pendants, charms, tapestries, paintings and vinyls as part of a lifestyle that connects us with the universe and its origins and with feeling part of One, of the Whole. In meditation it is used to achieve a deeper connection. Many people have decided to draw it on their body through tattoos.

If you are looking for an amulet, be it earrings, rings, pendants, even paintings and cup holders, we have a section with the best-selling designs of 2022.

The Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry

Also known as The Rosette, Water Flower or Hexapetala, Galana Flower, Sestafuella, Exofolia, Celtic Wheel or Pagan Flower . It is one of the best known forms of Sacred Geometry.

From this derive the Platonic solids, Metatron’s cube, the fruit of life, the Infinite, among others.

Platonic Solids
Platonic Solids

These creations are said to have some of the knowledge of the universe found in Akashic records or archives. Therefore, the mandala is also used to access these universal files.

It is evident that it has many hidden secrets yet to be revealed when humanity is ready to understand.

Meditation techniques and benefits of the flower of life

The basic patterns of existence are considered sacred. For example, contemplating the image of the flower of life is considered a contemplation of the Genesis of everything. Mandala, in Sanskrit means ‘circle’ and represents the unity, harmony and infinity of the universe through the balance of visual elements.

There are different ways to meditate with mandalas. Everyone connects in different ways, so for those who have not yet meditated or have not done so in this way, we propose 3 powerful techniques.

  • Through Visualization: We bring our attention to the center of the mandala (seed of life) keeping our gaze there, on the central point. We let our attention focus on that central point for a few minutes or until you feel it. This technique is also used before opening the akashic (universal soul) records.
  • Through Art painting: we can print an image of this mandala to color, always from the center out. We connect with the color to use the colors have their vibration). I give you a sketch of the flower of life to print.
  • Through Art bycreating it: it is not only about making turns with the compass. It requires concentration at every step. After doing so you will understand the sacred geometry that lives in this mandala and how surprising are the crop circles that were made on a large scale in crop fields around the world. In the menu section on crafts, various ways to make crafts are shared.

These practices connect you to the here and now. With “feeling” and “refeeling”, with “remembering“.

It is important to note that during practice, thoughts or memories often appear that take us out of the focus of attention. So we let them go, we don’t stop there but refocus on the practice as many times as necessary.

The more you practice it, the more you will be present in your daily life.