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Where is the Flower of life

The geometric shape of the Flower of Life is easily recognizable in nature, especially in flowers, it only takes a few minutes to realize how similar they are.

Different cultures were responsible for making the image of the flower of life visible through different forms and places, whether in temples, floors, hangings, ornaments, walls and clothing. Not only did they use the symbolism of the Flower of Life, but also its derivatives: the seed, the egg and the fruit of life. This can be seen in different parts of the world.

It is considered that they were created thousands of years ago so this geometry and its derivatives is known as Sacred Geometry . Why? Simple. It transcends all times and spaces and in it is the basis of creation, our biology.

Today, new sacred symbols continue to appear in farm fields , mainly in England. A large number of philosophers and scientists are investigating this phenomenon and some conclude that its origin is an extra-terrestrial event, of a race superior to ours, which provides us with coded messages to collaborate with our evolution.

Among the most recognizable places where the flower of life is found, we can mention Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Scotland, England, China, Japan, India, Spain, Italy, Romania and Iraq.

And now that you have become aware of all this information, do you really believe that this symbol of life is a simple mandala?